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How to Sign Up for a Stan Account?

How to Log In to Your Stan Account?

What is the first step to activate your Stan account?

Finding the Code for Stan Account

How to Subscribe to Stan:

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  • 1. Visit the Stan Website:
    Go to the official Stan website

  • 2. Choose a Plan:
    Select the subscription plan that best suits your needs (Basic, Standard, or Premium).

  • 3. Create an Account:
    Sign up by providing your email address and creating a password.

  • 4. Start Your Subscription:
    Confirm your subscription to start enjoying unlimited access to Stan's content library.

Basic Plan
  • This is the most affordable plan.
  • Standard Definition (SD) streaming
  • Access to all movies and TV shows
  • Ability to watch on one device at a time
Premium Plan
  • This is the most expensive plan.
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD) and HD streaming
  • Access to all movies and TV shows
  • Ability to watch on four devices simultaneously

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How do I cancel my Stan account?

Log In to Your Stan Account:
Open the Stan app on your device or go to the official Stan website Log in to your Stan account using your email address and password.
2. Navigate to Account Settings
Once logged in, go to the "Settings," "Account," or a similar section within the Stan app or website.
Cancel Subscription
Look for an option like "Manage Subscription," "Billing Information," or "Cancel Subscription."Click on this option to proceed with canceling your subscription.
Follow the Cancellation Process
You will be presented with the cancellation process and any applicable information regarding the remaining subscription period or charges.
Confirm your decision to cancel the subscription by following the on-screen instructions.
Receive Confirmation:
After completing the cancellation process, you should receive a confirmation message or email confirming the cancellation of your Stan subscription.
If you're unable to cancel your Stan subscription through the account settings or encounter any issues, you can contact Stan's customer support for assistance.
Cancellation Fees
Depending on the terms of your subscription, there may be cancellation fees or charges associated with canceling your Stan account before the end of the billing cycle or free trial period.